I have over ten years of guitar and bass teaching experience in Marin. I am especially good with beginning students, being very patient and creating a great rapport with the young ones.

I emphasize learning many songs, good technique for good tone, and a strong foundation of playing in time. This gets students ready as soon as possible to play in a band setting and also prepares the soloist for good performance ability. Most students get their first song within two lessons. Theory is taught as it comes to explain reoccuring structure and reading can also be taught as desired.

Here is the true secret to playing guitar. It is knowing technique that enables you to express yourself, knowing how to use your hands to bring the music to life.


Growth in music comes with a growing understanding of how the tools you use service your musical soul.
Sometimes the songs you already know just need a little playing technique to make the guitar really sing. It is this development of touch that is the key.

If you are a beginner I can set you off on a good path, teaching the songs and styles you want along with the sensitivity to make them sound good.

If you play already I can root out simple problems that cause major frustrations and expand your vocabulary with a clear concept of sound production.

I can teach you pick and finger styles in rock, jazz, blues, R&B, funk, folk and Bossa Nova. I also make it a priority to accompany my students on the bass, giving the opportunity of ensemble playing.

I think making music should be fun. And I think it gets really fun when you can get the sound that really moves you, those you play with, and those you play for.

About me: I am a professional guitarist with years of experience in San Francisco and Paris and the founder and leader of the Duo Kings, an eclectic and virtuosic harmonica and guitar team up. I have a degree in music education and studied jazz guitar under the renowned Bay Area guitarist and educator Warren Nunes.


Styles I can teach you:

Classic and Modern Rock
R&B, Soul and Funk
Jazz and Swing
Folk and Country
Bossa Nova

$30 for half hour lesson
$60.00 for hour lesson
Studio in Sausalito
(415) 419-7186







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